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Referral Platform

Our aim is to assist homeowners to access skilled professionals, practitioners and tradesmen with traditional and untraditional services at a reasonable price along with any special promotions and incentives available via one trustworthy resource.

Our Referral Network

We have developed a platform for a referral network program, where Estate agents/ B2B members/customers can refer clients/customers, colleagues, friends and family with beneficial revenue reward once the person referred has engaged one or more of our services. With opportunities for organisations, small businesses, networks, professionals and practitioners to join us to seek new business and participate in our referral network of like minded individuals and companies that want to help and support each other in building business with the customer being the number one priority.

Our PorcessThis is how we work:

Complete the online B2B/Customer referral form and submit it to us

Services Checklist Referral Form

Browse the property checklist /download for Customer/friend to see all our services. If they require a quote, submit the referral form. We will forward two/four quotes for comparison along with any special promotion, incentive or code. Both you and the person you refer will benefit.

For more information please get in touch.

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