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EMF & Environmental

We offer an EMF survey where our experts will visit your home and measure the levels of electromagnetic radiation in each room.

Electromagnetic Fields

Can electromagnetic fields (EMF) from power lines, home wiring, wireless networks, substations, transformers, computers, appliances, mobiles, telephone masts and military radar cause:

Brain tumours, childhood leukaemia, cancer, depression, fatigue, skin problems, behaviour problems, fertility problems, and risk to pregnant women?

An ever increasing amount of people are becoming concerned about the potentially harmful effects of exposure to invisible electromagnetic fields.

We offer an EMF survey where our experts will visit your home and measure the levels of electromagnetic radiation in each room. If we find any high readings we will investigate the cause and look to suggest a remedy to reduce the exposure.

If you would like to read the book “Safe as Houses” please click for a FREE download of this book. Read it if you dare!

Environmental Search

We also offer an environmental search alongside our EMF survey.

As a homebuyer you must do all that you can to avoid negative consequences. You must ask questions and take every positive measure to protect yourself, your family, your health and your investment.

Natural hazards and environmental issues such as contamination sites, solid waste landfill sites, leaking underground storage tanks and polluting ground water sites cannot always be corrected but well informed homebuyers can take measures to protect and safeguard their homes and families.

Communities across the Country have environmental contamination that might cause harmful effects to the health of its residents. More than 2.5 million homes are built on or next to past industrial sites that may have left contamination in the ground.

Some 1.5 million homes are built on old landfill sites and 5 million people in 2 million homes are at risk from flooding in the UK.

It is also beneficial to know whether there are any pylons close by or mobile phone masts due to the connection between high voltage cables, pulsing waves from masts and illness as mentioned above.

REMEMBER, you might think you are buying your dream house. Your investment is too substantial not only monetary but health wise to you and your family for your dream house to become a nightmare.

The EMF survey and the Environmental report can be purchased separately or jointly at a reduced price. The choice is yours; we tailor our services to your needs.

Request a quote online or get in touch with one of our experts.

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