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Feng Shui

Feng Shui will help you to transform your life and the lives of others around you by harnessing the energy of your environment. Future Life Properties provides Feng Shui consultation for your home & garden as well as business and corporate customers.

Wind & Water

Feng (meaning wind) and Shui (meaning water) is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China.

In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus meaning good Feng Shui or good fortune. While bad Feng Shui is taken as meaning bad luck or misfortune.

The dynamics of Yin & Yang are at the very heart of Feng Shui and Chinese philosophy. It is the essence of nature, where everything is in a perpetual state of change, moving from one extreme to the other to create an energy or universal balance.

There is a perception (especially in the West) that Yin & Yang correspond to good and evil, this isnít the case. To illustrate Yin & Yang as universal balance, we will say that Yin (negative, dark and feminine) and yang (positive, light and masculine) are not opposing forces, but complementary forces that balance the flow of chi (energy), the source of natural life-force energy to us all.

You must have a balance of yin and yang in order to achieve balance and harmony in your life.

Today Feng Shui has become more recognised and widely used in the western world. It combines Chinese metaphysics and philosophy based on the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal & water.

Feng Shui is the structure used to create a system of designing buildings and space arrangement according to special rules about the flow of energy, aimed at achieving harmony with the environment, it uses Chinese astronomy and geography, ultilising a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies that flow through a particular room, house, building, or garden space to promote health and good fortune.

When we buy or sell a property, we want to create a space that promotes a healthy, happy, auspicious and abundant space that resonates with everyone who lives and works there.

Feng Shui will help you to transform your life and the lives of others around you by harnessing the energy of your environment. It's aim is to work with specific areas of your home or work space, so as to accumulate auspicious energy for happiness, prosperity and good health.

As well as using lucky symbols, features, colours and room layouts, there are warnings of what to avoid and tips on how to detect and dissolve inauspicious lines.

Feng Shui can help you with:

  • Selling your property quickly
  • Choosing a property to buy
  • Creating better health & vitality
  • Finding your ideal partner
  • Improving an existing relationship
  • Improving your business and career
  • Attracting prosperity
  • Creating a space that promotes peace and purpose
  • Improving the flow of chi to welcome in new energy and opportunities

Learning the guidelines to Feng Shui can be very complicated. Thatís why so many people now engage a professional Feng Shui consultant.

Your consultant will provide an assessment of your property, taking into account the design of the building, the exterior and interior, the location of where people work, eat and sleep, the room layout, colours, decoration, water features, plants, natural light, and furnishings. The outcome being a recommendation of changes that they believe will correct the imbalances and blockages in the vital energy flow of your home, which will help to improve the atmosphere and flow of energy and create an environment in which a person can succeed and flourish.

As well as consulting your home and garden, our feng shui consultants are able to undertake business and corporate consultations.

Allow your energy to flow naturally

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