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Future Life Progression

Gain important insight and information about your future property and various aspects of your life. Our team of highly trained elite FLP Practitioners will guide you through the process.

A Journey Through Time

Wouldn’t it be incredible to fast forward through time to see where life takes you, to discover your career possibilities, your soulmate or even your future home?

Future Life Progression (FLP) is an amazing new technique pioneered by Anne Jirsch. Anne has a worldwide following with many clients from the world of media, show business including Hollywood stars, sports, music, politics and business. Future Life Progression is already popular with Anne’s celebrity clients.

Anne has trained an elite team of practitioners to take you into a state of relaxation and an inner journey across the bridge of time into the future to see your future home.

Choosing your future home is probably going to be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. Who can afford to get it wrong? Apart from this being the largest financial commitment in most people’s lives, it is also important to find the right place for your own happiness and wellbeing.

Our team of highly trained elite FLP Practitioners will guide you through the process, enabling you to gain important insight and information about your future property.

Finding your perfect home is not just about finances, it is also about your own happiness. We have all heard horror stories highlighting the pitfalls and stressful situations associated with buying a property. From homes flooding, neighbours from hell or the council suddenly deciding to allow a big estate or sewage farm to be built opposite their idyllic location.

Your future home needs to be a wonderful investment that will rise in value over time, it needs to be in a location where you will like the local people and it needs to be your sanctuary, your castle. Everyone deserves that.

I have myself, and indeed I know of many people who have done this process with Anne, and whether or not they believe the possible futures they have seen are real isn't important. Everyone benefits - and the experience can be very entertaining, but more often immensely enlightening.
Paul McKenna (excerpt from "The Future is Yours" by Anne Jirsch)

Anne has produced an app especially for Future Life Properties. Download to sample the technique from our website. Of course, a full one to one session with one of our practitioners will give you a greater insight not only for your future home but whatever life has in store for you in the future enabling you to make the right decisions today.

If you want to go on a journey through time to your future property, then get in touch and arrange a consultation today.

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