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Holistic Survey

Negative energy cleansing is increasing in popularity highlighted in the press by "A" list celebrities cleansing negative energy in their homes.

Good and Bad Vibes

In the early 1900's Einstein stated everything is composed of energy. The energy nourishes our hearts, minds and bodies. A house may have good and bad energy attached to it.

Negative energies can accumulate in any home. Someone may have gone through emotional trauma in the home or just allowed the house to become dirty, messy, overcrowded and chaotic.

Our earth can also create potentially harmful negative energy; it suffers from stress and energy distortions. The disturbance is called geopathic stress, sometimes created by man such as dumping toxic waste in the sea or landfill, creating power stations etc and sometimes by natural causes.

The earth has energy lines, which form grids around the earth's surface some of these energy lines are of major significance and known as ley-lines. Where ley-lines cross each other the positive energies are magnetised creating good energy. However negative events can change the energy of the line and if a negative energy line runs through your property you will be affected by this contamination.

If you are one of many who are concerned with negative energy connected to a property you may wish to order a negative energy cleansing. This is an intuitive and holistic survey carried out by one of our practitioners who will visit your property.

If you are selling a property, you may benefit from cleansing your home of bad vibes and obstacles preventing a sale. If you are buying a property, you may wish to combine our holistic survey with your building survey.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the property have good vibes?
  • Is it in a good location?
  • Will my family be happy living there?
  • Are there positive and negative aspects that are attached to the property?

If you have already move in:

  • Has any member of the family been ill since the move?
  • Has any member of the family experienced anything strange since moving in?
  • Has the family pet been acting strangely?
  • Is it difficult to grow plants in the garden?
  • Are pot plants failing to flourish?

Our practitioners will aim to tune into the vibrational energy in and around you and your home, reporting what they sense and feel, thus being able to gain more insight into your property and it's history. If required they will help to change the flow of energy, as well as dispersing negative energy.

You must strive for everlasting happiness for yourself and your family in your home, after all your home is your destiny, a place to feel safe and secure.

With a holistic survey you can find out what the house and your feelings are trying to tell you.

A discount is available if you compliment and combine your holistic survey with your building survey.

This survey can also be combined with our EMF survey and our paranormal investigation (especially if there are significant disturbances and you believe you may be the owner of a haunted dwelling). You may already sense that your present home or the home you are proposing to purchase has an emotional past.

Request a quote online or get in touch with one of our experts.

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