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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that works to bring harmony between man and nature, inviting good luck into your house. Future Life Properties provide consultation to help you fully integrate Vastu Shastra into your home.

Bringing Harmony Between Man and Nature

Our homes can influence our lives and our happiness. Indians believe that their homes are like temples for the mind, body and spirit, where their mind and body can be cleansed and their spirit nourished.

Vastu brings harmony between man and nature, inviting good luck into the house.

Vastu means environment or structure and shastra means science. The principles consider the five main elements, earth, fire, water, air and space. Fresh air promotes health, water signifies movement and fluidity, fire purifies, earth is energy and space resonates with the divine.

Vastu does not suggest the arrangements of objects like Feng Shui, but does suggest the orientation of the rooms. The home must be a theatre of light and air, Vastu prescribes the decoration and direction of each room.

Vastu has many guidelines. The front door must be the largest door of the house to welcome in good luck, the rear door should be smaller and in line with the front door, this allows all the negative energies to be removed.

Vastu has guidelines for the location of each room and is also governed by astrology. It suggests colour schemes that correspond and complement your sign of the zodiac, each direction is governed by a planet, which in-turn corresponds to a particular colour, which works to bring good luck and prosperity into your life and home.

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